Sunday, June 21, 2015

6-21-2015 Impressions

Thinking back over our experiences in the Wisconsin Dells area,
we had a wonderful time,
but we have no desire to return
and do anything over again
except maybe to hike around Devil's Lake again.
It was spectacular!

Also, we would probably choose a different hotel next time.
On our vacation to California years ago
we stayed at Holiday Inn Express
and were VERY pleased with
the facitilites, the staff, the breakfast, housekeeping, locations.
So, when we saw online that
there was a Holiday Inn Express
in the Wisconsin Dells area, we thought,
"Yippee! Let's stay there!"

When we arrived,
it looked like an old converted Super 8.
We were informed that they had
a water main leak
(DH & I always have THE worst luck with hotels!)
and had to move us to a different room.
Outside in the hall
industrial heaters and fans were blowing (loudly) 24/7
the entire week we were there
to dry out the drywall and rooms
on all the floors, and of course,
right outside our room.
Also, we seemed to be the only patrons in the hotel.
But, I'm thankful we had a room at all
and a place to lay our heads each night.

The hotel lobby/breakfast room
had folding card tables instead of real furniture
but I'm thankful we at least had a place to and eat.

Our guest room keys would not work
on the outside doors to get into the hotel
so we had to come in through the lobby's open front door
and walk all the way to the back of the building
to our room.
To get OUT of the building,
you couldn't just push the door handle to open the door,
you had to bend over and push a lever down by your knees
to open the door to go out.
It was rather annoying.
But, I'm thankful that we were in a secured place.

We stayed for 6 nights.
Room service came by only twice.

Only 6 of the 20 jets 
in the OVER-heated hot tub worked.
The sign said it was 103*F
but it was sooooo hot you could not get into it!
I've made a LOT of homemade bread in my lifetime
and heated water to 110*F for the yeast
and know what 110*F feels like when I put my hand in it,
and this hot tub was W A Y hotter!
DH & I had been looking forward to relaxing
in the hot tub after our long days,
but could not, due to it being toooooooo hot, 
yet, I am thankful that we at least had a
cold swimming pool in which to relax and play
and the end of our days. 

So, all in all, 
we would choose a different hotel/resort next visit
to the Wisconsin Dells area.

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