Monday, August 3, 2015

8-3-2015 Adaptation

The pattern for this doll
is one of those few patterns that
drives me nuts!
Nothing works out as written
and I have to rip out or knit it over
using my own adaptations.
These cuffs for the coat 
are supposed to fit all the way around the arm
and have some overlap for buttons
(think cuffs on a dress shirt 
with room for cuff links)...
but when knitted as the pattern states
they can't even wrap around the arm once.

 So, I did some adaptation
and re-knit the cuffs,
making them at least twice as long,
and now they wrap around the arm
with a bit of overlap.

So many things in life require adaptation...
it is rare when things turn out
as they should
as we expect.

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