Sunday, August 30, 2015

8-30-2015 GGN Sleeves Started

Now that the body of my first ever adult sweater is knitted,
it is on to the sleeves
which are knit cuff to shoulder.
I spent 3 hours going over the 5 pages of 
math worksheets and an Excel spreadsheet for the sleeves
to try and figure out the increases, stitch counts and shaping.
I even wore my LuLaRoe "bunnies" skirt
because I figured that bunnies are good at math, right?
At least they are good at multiplication!
Anyway, after 3 hours of not being able to get the numbers
to come out right,
I drafted my math genius (MIT grad) hubby 
to help me out.
He found two mistakes in the excel spreadsheet itself
and 2 mistakes in the math worksheets
(not MY mistakes, but mistakes in the pattern)
and after a few quick calculations
he had me back on track with the correct numbers!
Thank you so much, dear hubby!
I plan to knit the sleeves two-at-a-time 
so they are both identical in row and stitch count
as well as tension.
I'm super excited to have the cuffs started now!

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