Wednesday, September 7, 2016

9-7-2016 Burial Chamber

See this big wall on the right?
It was the outermost wall of King Tut's burial chamber/box.
(You can click on the pix to enlarge them.)
Inside this box above were 3 more boxes/chambers
(think Russian nesting dolls). 
Here are the doors to the 4 (one inside the next) boxes/chambers.
And inside the smallest chamber in the middle
there were 4 coffins
nested inside each other.
And finally,
inside all 8 of those structures
was King Tut himself...
a 19 year old who died under mysterious circumstances
(probably murdered!)
According to experts,
the trauma to his body and head
made it look like he had been run over
by a chariot several times.
The man who 'helped' King Tut to rule
as an 8 year old boy - 19 year old young man
become Pharaoh Ay upon Tut's demise...
probably decided to get rid of him
before any 'heirs to the throne' arrived!

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