Saturday, July 15, 2017

7-15-2017 Wild Goose Chase

DH and I went on a wild goose chase today
trying to find a place to purchase
a lifetime senior pass to the National Parks.
before the price jumps from $10 to $80 on August 27th.

We were told we could buy them
at the Herbert Hoover Museum in West Bend, IA.
We left home (the Quad Cities) at 8 a.m.,
drove an hour to get the HH Museum 
and were told that they no longer sell 
the National Park passes 
and that we had to go to the Mississippi River Project 
in the Quad Cities to purchase them.
So, we enjoyed the sites at the HH museum
 and then drove another hour home to the QC.

Herbert Hoover's gravesite.

A statue of ISIS veiled, the goddess of life...
a gift from the people of Belgium
for all the humanitarian aide HH provided to them
during and after the world wars.

The 2 room cabin where Herbert Hoover was born.

We then drove to the Mississippi River Project
in the QuadCities at the Lock and Dam
after calling them and hearing a recording
that they are open 7 days a week from 9-5
and were told they they do not sell them
but that we had to drive another half hour
to go to the visitor's center 
on Rock Island Arsenal.
After finding out that the entrance gate 
is now closed to visitors,
we had to drive another half hour to Moline, IL
to find a different entrance and stand in line
for half an hour to get a visitor pass to get on the island,
which involved a photo ID (which DH did not have,
so we had to drive back home and get it, 
then drive back to Arsenal Island)
and a background check.
After receiving our visitor pass
we drove all the way across Arsenal Island...

and found the visitors' center
where we were finally able to purchase the
lifetime senior pass to the National Parks.
The guy told us they have been selling like hotcakes
and he only had 8 left to sell 
before he would be issued the new ones. 
Got there just in time!
It took us all day, but we are now the proud owners
of a National Parks pass!!!

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