Thursday, May 30, 2013

5-30-2013 Smiles

During this morning's run to the grocery store
I saw these two sights...
both of which made me smile:
Not sure why an Iowa Football semi
was parked in front of the grocery store?!?!?

And this license plate
made me think of my dear S-I-L.

5-29-2013 New Toy

Today, this big truck
stopped in front of our house
and delivered a new toy for DH:
a 200 pound box
containing a new band saw!
I'm sooooo happy to see DH 
get back into his woodworking hobby!
Let the fun begin!

5-28-2013 Into Darkness

DH & I
took advantage
of $5 Tuesday
and went to see
"Star Trek~Into Darkness" 
It did not disappoint!
Loved it!
I hope these new Star Trek movies
create a whole new generation
of Trekkies!

Monday, May 27, 2013

5-27-2013 Pretty in Pink - again

Our granddaughter (on left) was fascinated
with her cousin's (on right) pink hair!
She kept touching it all weekend.

5-26-2013 Tunnel Vision

One cousin showing the other cousin
how to crawl through the tunnel.
A-man (a newbee to the tunnel)
only crawled through once...
that was enough for him!
A wonderful reminder that 
we all need to get outside of our comfort zone
once in a while 
and try something scary/different!

A-man also started walking like a champ
this weekend! 
And it was the first time
we didn't get the 'sad face'
(see  3/3/2013 post)
when he first saw us.
He finally remembered us
and we had so much fun
interacting with him
and watching him learn to walk.
Thanks so much for coming to visit!
We love you all.

5-25-2013 It's Never Too Early... start reading to your babies!
Just one of many 'Kodak moments'
from this weekend's visit
with my kids and their families.  

Friday, May 24, 2013

5-24-2013 Sixty Degrees and Sunny

Sixty degrees and sunny...
a perfect day
to visit the zoo!

...checking out the giraffes...

...going for a train ride...

Thursday, May 23, 2013

5-23-2013 Pin Cushion

Next month's challenge...
this pattern is knit in-the-round.

A friend who does not know how to knit in-the-round
wants me to help her knit it flat
and then seam it up.

I'm thinking it will take much more time and effort
to try and convert the pattern to flat knitting
than it would for her to just learn
to knit in-the-round!
Wish me luck!

5-22-2013 Rats caption needed...

5-21-2013 Hats

I wear many hats...
daughter, friend, wife, mother, etc.
This coming weekend 
I get to wear my 'grandmother' hat.
Looking forward 
to seeing my grandson 
and his parents
this coming weekend!
Check out his new hat.  :*)

5-20-2013 Storms

Storms headed this way...
prayers (and Red Cross donations!)
for the tornado victims in Oklahoma!

Sunday, May 19, 2013

5-19-2013 Pretty in Pink

Check out my new swimsuit and shoes!

5-18-2013 Girls' Night Out

The owner of the LYS
invited a few of us 'regulars'
over for s'mores and a movie...
girls' night out.

One of us had fun feeding the koi in her pond as well.

After a lovely evening outdoors
we went inside to watch the last Harry Potter movie
"Deathly Hallows~Part 2".
I was so happy to be invited/included!!!
I don't know if these lovely ladies
know how much they mean to me!

Saturday, May 18, 2013

5-17-2013 Can't decide...

...which is cuter?
~the helmet?
~or the baby?!?!?
Just kidding!
The baby wins!

5-16-2013 There's a Reason

...why this table and chairs
is not recommended 
for children under the age of 3!!!
Babies are climbers (and fallers)!!!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

5-15-2013 Splash

Outdoor temps have gone
from  30*F last week
to over over 90*F this week...
we went straight from winter to summer
with no intervening spring!!!
So, it's time to get out the pool
and make a splash with my GD!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

5-14-2013 Happy Anniversary

Dear Nephew and wife!!!

5-13-2013 Ten Months

Hard to believe my grandson is already 10 months old!!!
Looking forward to seeing you soon...
hugs and kisses from Oma and Grandpa. 

Thursday, May 9, 2013

5-9-2013 Before & After

These past few days 
I've been doing some Spring (closet) cleaning...

(See my cheeks red with embarrassment
as you see this first photo!!!)

I decided to go through the office/computer room closet
and 7 years of accumulated 'stuff'...

...and turn it into my 'fiber' closet
so I can have easy access to 
my '3 year old yarn stash.'
Now that everything is visible and handy
I can 'shop' my stash
for my new projects!
(Much easier than searching through
about 30 bags in the bottom of a closet
and some boxes in the basement!)

I love sitting in this green chair to knit
in the office/computer room...
very comfy and great light from the windows...
and now my yarn and patterns are handy!

And what a great feeling of joy and accomplishment
to have completed this transformation!

5-8-2013 Between Showers

Between Rain Showers
DH & GD & I
made a quick trip to the garden center...

GD helped Oma pick out some pretty flowers...

and she helped Grandpa 
pick out tomatoes and peppers 
for our vegetable garden...
Thanks for all your help, dear Granddaughter!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

5-7-2013 A Kindred Spirit?

5-6-2013 Current Reads

I enjoyed "The Omnivore's Dilemma" so much
I decided to read his second book too:
"In Defense Of Food."
Both are thought provoking!

Sunday, May 5, 2013

5-5-2013 Tulips

Today DH & I
drove to Pella, Iowa
to check out this weekend's Tulip Time Festival.

There was snow in the ditches of the highways
as we drove to Pella,
and when we got there and walked around
we were wishing we had on coats, hats, and gloves!
Even the tulips seemed to know it was cold...
most of them were closed, but still delightfully colorful.

We enjoyed seeing this beautiful water feature
leading to the Royal Amsterdam Hotel and plaza.

Check out the plaza benches...
in the shape of "Dutch Letters."

One of several beautiful windmills in Pella...

5-4-2013 New Wheels

It is fascinating
to watch our granddaughter
approach a new toy for the first time
and try to figure out how to 'play' with it!
She has no idea what it is, what it does,
or what she is supposed to do with it.
Here she is, checking out her new wheels.
It didn't take her long ...

Friday, May 3, 2013

5-3-2013 Happy Birthday

... to my dear nephew...

5-2-2013 Wallaby

Started a Wallaby sweater
for grandson to wear this coming Fall/Winter.

5-1-2013 Kokeshi

Started this Kokeshi doll today...