Tuesday, December 31, 2013

12-31-2013 Cold Shoveling

on this last day of 2013
it was cold shoveling the snow
that had fallen overnight!
On a positive note however,
when it is this cold
when it snows
the snow is dry, fluffy and light...
which makes it easy to shovel...
so I count my blessings!

I loved the poem
presented by Garrison Keillor
on "The Writer's Almanac"
this morning.
It focused on the present moment
rather than the future:

The End of This Year
The best place to be is here,

at home, the two of us, while

others ski or eat out. It will be 

quiet. We won't watch the ball

fall, the crowd in Times Square.

They will celebrate while here

there is this night. Tomorrow 

some will start over, or vow

to stop something; maybe try 

again. Here the snow will

fall through the light over

the back door and gather

on the steps. We will hope

our daughter will be safe.

She will wonder what

the year will bring. Maybe

we will say a prayer.

Monday, December 30, 2013

12-30-2013 Minions

My GD has become enamored
with Minions!
So, I am using this photo (above) from the www
to design my own knitted pattern:

knit a squarish shape... 

then change to blue for the pants...

then pick up sts to knit the overall bib...

then pick up sts to knit the arms...

then turn piece to wrong side and tie some black knots
for the hair, pulling the tails thru to the right side...

Now I'm ready to start the eyes and goggles...
Then I will seam the little guy up his back 
and stuff him with polyfill,
add a bib overall to the back side 
and make some straps to go over the shoulders...
and some legs and feet!
Will post the final result when done!

12-29-2013 Pocket Book Slippers

Making some Pocket Book Slippers
to slip into my purse
so when I go visit other peoples' homes
I can kick off my icy/snow/salty shoes
and slip these babies on
so I don't track winter mess onto their carpets!

Saturday, December 28, 2013

12-28-2013 Sharing A Birthday

My dear brother...

and his dear daughter-in-law...
share a birthday today!
I send them my love and best wishes
for a very happy birthday today!

12-27-2013 It's Always Difficult...

...to learn something new!
Had a friend come over today
for her first knitting lesson.

Since I myself am a visual learner,
I made three swatches...
one with the knit stitch (garter),
one with knit and purl stitches (stockinette),
and one with ribbing (alternating knit & purl),
then showed her on each swatch
how to knit and/or purl and 
had her practice on each swatch.
Since she is a Minnesota Vikings fan
I used yarns with their colors.  :*)

I hope she will muster up enough stubbornness
to push through the frustration/learning phase
and then sail into the fun/"I've got it now" phase!
Learning something new is always difficult at first,
and then becomes easy.

Thursday, December 26, 2013

12-26-2013 Snow Shoes

DH & I braved the bitter cold temps and snow
and went for a walk outdoors...
enjoyed the milkweed/snow sculptures
provided by Mother Nature!  :*)

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

12-25-2013 Merry Christmas!

Wishing you heavenly peace and joy
now and forever more!

12-24-2013 Christmas Eve

6" of snow on the ground
and sub-zero temps...
decided to go for a walk
at the indoor mall this morning!

Monday, December 23, 2013

12-23-2013 Pinks

Pink with sparkles...

...and my neon pink is finally on the needles!
(a little something for someone special)

Sunday, December 22, 2013

12-22-2013 Six Inches of Snow

My granddaughter's snowman
(see 12-19-2013 post)
is up to his waist in 6" of new snow 
that fell overnight!
DH & I spent the morning shoveling 
the driveway and sidewalks...

I think I need some chocolate after that!
So, whipped up a batch of these tasty treats:
MELT in a double boiler, stirring to mix:
 24 oz (one entire package) of almond bark, and
18 oz. chocolate chips
When the almond bark and chocolate chips
are complete melted and mixed,
2 pounds salted Spanish peanuts and
DROP mixture by spoonfuls
onto wax paper on your countertop
and let cool. Enjoy!
Easy peasy!

12-21-2013 Just What I Needed

Just what I needed...
An evening of beautiful Christmas Music
at First Presbyterian Church!

Something else I 'needed'...
A STEAM CLEANER for all my tile floors!
I didn't even wait until Christmas Eve
to unbox this goodie
and put it to use!
It makes cleaning my floors
SOOOOOOOOOO much easier 
than being on my knees with a bucket and rag!
Thank you Santa!!!

12-20-2013 Ooooo... New Yarn!

Lots of  new yarns on the walls 
when I went to "Sit & Knit"
at my LYS tonight
(Local Yarn Shop)
so I just HAD to bring a few pretties home with me!
Merry Christmas to ME!

Also, the owner was putting up
a beautiful new lamp!
And check out the awesome hats HE knitted
for himself and his son...

Thursday, December 19, 2013

12-19-2013 Now That The Leaves Have Fallen

Now that the leaves have fallen off the trees in the front yarn
the room in which the GD naps is quite bright
from the afternoon sun
so DH purchased and installed some
room darkening shades today!
(See the new one on the right?!?!? Big difference!)
They will make the room much more conducive to sleeping!

GD and I played in the snow 
and made a snowman!

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

12-18-2013 Horsey Progress

Now that I have
finally finished my Fiona Fairy
(see 12-13-2013 post)
and delivered her to the LYS for Christmas,

it's time to return to GB#3's Fatty Lumpkin Horse!
(See posts on 11-2-2013 & 11-12-2013)
The rump is done...
now I'm working toward the front shoulders.
I had to re-read the instructions
and sleep on them last night
to remember how to make and assemble these!

I've also decided to include an African Flower motif
made from yarns from my M-I-L,
so that there will be one motif
from GB#3's Great-Grandmother in the horse!

12-17-2013 Mittens

The 3 little kittens
have lost their pink mittens
and they began to cry,
"Oh Grandma dear, see here, see here,
our mittens we have lost!
Can you please make us another pair?!?!"
Well, the pink yarn is all gone,
but I can whip up another pair in green!

The 3 little kittens
they found their pink mittens
and they began to cry,
"Oh Grandma dear, see here, see here,
our mittens we have found!"
"What?!?!? FOUND your mittens?!?!?
You good little kittens!
Now you shall have two pair!"
"Meow, Meow, we shall have two pair!"

Monday, December 16, 2013

12-16-2013 FO's

( 2 more FO's = Finished Objects )

We also celebrated our S-I-L's birthday tonight...
Exotic Thai for dinner!
GD helped me wrap and decorate her daddy's present:

And last, but not least...
remembering and missing you, mom...

Sunday, December 15, 2013

12-15-2013 Music

This morning we listened to the 'spirit breath'
of the QC Brass...

This afternoon
we attended the very final concert performance
of the wonderful group

12-14-2013 Seventeen Months

Seventeen months ago (yesterday)
on another Friday the 13th
my grandson was born...
I'm so blessed to have lived
to see my grandchildren!

Friday, December 13, 2013

12-13-2013 First Fiona Fairy Finally Finished

Today I finished my first Fiona Fairy
and gifted her to the owner of my favorite LYS
as a Christmas gift.
I fell in love with her while making her
so it was bittersweet to give her away.
(Wiping a tear from my eye...
where's a tissue?)
At least I can still see her
when I go visit her at the shop!
I think the LYS owner likes her.  :*)

Thursday, December 12, 2013

12-12-2013 Re-arranging

decided to take all the ornaments
off the Christmas tree
and re-arrange them today.
She would hold each one up 
and say its name...
and if she didn't know the name,
she would continue holding it up
in front of my face
until I said the name
and then she would repeat it.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

12-11-2013 Brrrrr....

On our way home from Christmas Caroling...

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

12-10-2013 Knitting Buddy

My DH made me a
wooden "Knitting Buddy"
which makes it super easy to pull yarn
from the outside of the ball of yarn.
Thanks so much!!!
I love it!

(Pictured is the "Last Minute Cowl"
that I'm making for myself!!!)

12-9-2013 Christmas Soda?

Never heard of this before!

Sunday, December 8, 2013

12-8-2013 2nd Sunday In Advent

After lighting the first and second candles
(Hope, and Peace)
on the advent wreath,
the focus of today's message
was (1) Christmas music, 
and (2) John the Baptist...
which made me think of my BFF...
she's a huge John the Baptist (and ICON) fan!
Love you!