Wednesday, August 31, 2016

8-31-2016 Back to Iowa

After days at sea
it is nice to be back on solid ground in Iowa
and see the Fall colors
starting to appear in the weeds
along my favorite hiking trail.

Tree leaves are turning orange,
corn and beans are turning yellow,
birds and butterflies are starting to gather
for the winter migration.

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

8-30-2016 Ship Zentangles

 Some of the Zentangles I drew for our cabin boy, Miguel...

These 2 (above and below)
were inspired by patterns I found on the ship 
(remember the post from 8-13-2016 ?)

Monday, August 29, 2016

8-29-2016 Souvenirs

Glacier Ice Gemstones...

 And things I knitted while flying...
this workday scarf (from start to finish)...
 and got this "Knit Your Peace" cowl started...

Sunday, August 28, 2016

8-28-2016 Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

What an impressive port
after seeing all the little ones in Alaska!
After sailing under an impressive bridge
we are greeted by miles of skyscrapers
and a dock that is built to resemble a ship.
Very cool.
Welcome back to civilization!

The Canadian Captain now did a 180* spin
and backed us up to this dock.
Smooth move!
Arrived in Vancouver at 7 a.m.
After a bus ride to the airport

we sat and waited for our 11 p.m. red-eye flight
back to Chicago
where we got in at 3:48 a.m.
and had to stand in line and wait for the 
customs officials to show up for work
at 5:30 a.m. Sigh.
I thought Chicago's O'Hare Airport
would have been more on the ball...
if they accept early morning red-eye flights,
wouldn't you think they should have
a few overnight customs agents as well???
I'm just saying...

Saturday, August 27, 2016

8-27-2016 Sailing from Ketchikan Alaska to Vancouver British Columbia Canada

We had our second day of sunshine this vacation
as we sailed from Ketchikan Alaska 
to Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.
We decided to get out and explore the ship 
while the sun was shining and the weather was nice!

At noon, a Canadian Captain boarded our ship
and sailed us through the very narrow inlets 
into Vancouver.

Two orcas off the starboard side.

DH enjoying the beautiful scenery
on the final leg of our cruise.

Our only sunset this vacation.

After this ship (Star Princess)
finishes its Alaskan cruises in mid-September
it then sails to Hawaii for the winter
and does cruises down there.
I'm guessing that the outdoor pools
will get more use in Hawaii, LOL.

Friday, August 26, 2016

8-26-2016 Totem Bight

Totem poles
once thought to have religious significance
are now understood to be
pictorial story books of these early civilizations
that did not yet have a written language.
The pictures on the totems
helped them maintain their oral traditions
and tell their stories to the next generations.

Leaving the clan house story time.

 A person in front of totem for scale.


I found it all very fascinating!!!